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The same old politics will not get us there.   We need to work together to make the County a partner in developing the regional economy for the next generation.

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In reviewing my past voter pamphlet statements, I am reminded that a thought has no social reality if it is never expressed.  Twenty years ago, as a UW Law Student, I was motivated to run for Mayor of Seattle to make the public aware of mass vaccination risks. By 2000, when I ran for Attorney General, I had expanded my platform to be as general as possible. In 2001, I proposed a 200 mile inductrack maglev monorail to solve our transportation and housing affordability problems. Running 14 times for various offices has allowed me to express my thoughts under the belief that is how social reality is constructed. So now is the time to elect me and together we will be able to realize a Cornucopian outlook: that if you can read this, you can achieve independence and wealth within a rejuvenated society, led by a County Executive with a plan to get us back on the path to general prosperity. Under State and County Authorities, as Executive I will propose to the County Council the establishment of King County Power Authority as a countywide Public Utility District. The immediate project is to build a 1 GW solar farm east of the Cascades. Parcels will be sold to county residents at a profit, to fund the County and the organic growth of the farm to 12 GW in size. The County will be largely solar powered at that point and able to fund itself with its portion of the solar farm. The time is now since solar is about to become cheaper than Bonneville wholesale rates. As a pilot project for the maglev, the Seattle Monorail can be upgraded with the same technology the Hyperloop One is developing. Visit


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1997 Mayor of Seattle
1998 US Congress 7th District
1999 Seattle City Council
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2001 Seattle City Council
2009 King County Executive
2010 State House of Reps. 46th District
2011 Mayor of Lake Forest Park


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