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The Potential of Solar-Hydro in Washington

The same old politics will not get us there.   We need to work together to make the County a partner in developing the regional economy for the next generation.


80% of electricity in Washington State comes from hydropower dams.For example, the Grand Coulee Dam

Build  12 GW solar

Solar has come down to the price point of competing with Bonneville.  Built in Central Washington, a plant this size could eventually fully fund the County and make King County supply 100% renewable.

Build the NASA Mod 2

Designed by NASA in 1986. the Mod 2 Stirling Engine could be mass produced for $2000, generating power for automotive or domestic use with twice the thermal efficiency of an internal combustion engine.

Rebuild the Monorail

The inductrack maglev system is now being commercialized for use in the Hyperloop.  It is also useful for a 200 mile countywide system instead of the Sound Transite 19th Century plan. The Seattle Monorail will be the test track.

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Stan for Seattle City Council 2001

200 mile Maglev system for less than Sound Transit

Lippmann for Congress 2002

1997 Mayor of Seattle
1998 US Congress 7th District
1999 Seattle City Council
2000 Attorney General

2001 Seattle City Council
2009 King County Executive
2010 State House of Reps. 46th District
2011 Mayor of Lake Forest Park


Lippmann for County Executive
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