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Stan Lippmann for King County Executive 2009

We Americans are all children of Madison. He protected us from the aristocratic Congress, but his efforts have been only partially successful. He promised his fellow Virginians that if they sent him to New York, he would introduce a Bill of Rights to satisfy their objections to the document. Madison introduced his bill on June 6, 1789. His Bill is more perfect than what came out of Congress, and We should now help his efforts to finally succeed by now amending the document according to his Bill. Our past will have been just the birth pangs of freedom lasting 220 years, and we can be forgiven our youthful indiscretions. At that time, piracy ruled the seas, so it was thought wise by President Pierce not to sign the Paris Declaration Respecting Maritime Law. Lincoln demonetized silver during the ensuing Civil War. Though as yet imperfect, the Constitution gives us enough freedom to alter our fates by sharing this message: Google Article the First. Then ask your legislator when he is going to act to pass it. Ten states have already passed it, and if We join, only 26 more will be needed to limit the size of a Congressional District to 50,000. I will forever defend the County Charter, and the State and Federal Constitutions, to ensure us a prosperous future. To start with, I will pay all County debts in Silver Coin. The Charter calls for the County to acquire useful property, so we should buy a local mine to provide our metals, to remediate our waters, and to institute a copper bank to secure Our wealth. The Charter also enables the County to acquire renewable energy resources, and these will secure our beautiful home. We can all win this year. Please join my efforts at .


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