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Stan Lippmann for Seattle Mayor 1997

The law of this state, RCW 28A.330.100, limits the powers of public school boards. Paragraph 12 states that, " ... children shall not be required to submit to vaccination against the will of their parents or guardian." Despite the clarity of the law on this point, I hear stories from parents who have been coerced into having their children vaccinated against their will under threat of punishment against their children. I have heard stories from adults whose employers have threatened to withhold pay for failure to be revaccinated as adults. And I know from personal experience that entering students at UW are required to take live virus shots containing measles, mumps, and rubella, or state a reason why they should be exempted, and still threatened with punishment if they refuse to submit. I hear that entering UPS students are not even given this narrower than legal option. My guess is that the Clinton Administration forced UW to accept the new vaccination requirement as a string attached to joining the National Direct Student Loan program. It is paying back Merck & Co., Inc., the producer of the vaccine, for the large political contributions made to the Democratic Party. I estimate that adult MMR immunization is not saving any lives but instead causing thousands of cases of pituitary cancer each year, and for this we as taxpayers are paying billions of dollars annually into the pockets of Merck. The MMR shot has never been safe, it has achieved acceptance through a combination fraudulent abuse of the patent system, the corruption of the federal bureaucracy and bench, and a massive disinformation campaign by the federal and state Departments of Health.

As mayor, I would focus on ensuring that city employees respect the basic human rights of the citizens of Seattle as established by law. Without life and liberty, none of the substantive issues matter. My administration would restore all forms of individual, as opposed to group rights. I advocate a return to community based education by ending busing and by abolishing of the central administration of the school system. My administration would be staffed by the most competent individuals I could find, without prejudice against or preference for any individual based on his or her group identity. I believe in the melting pot as the only way to build a harmonious society.



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